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  5. "not vum yIHmey."

"not vum yIHmey."

Translation:Tribbles never work.

November 30, 2018



'ach boghDI' chaH, yatlh. poH choq 'oH. :-)


I'm not sure tribbles are in the class of beings that can use language, so I'd say {bIH} is a bit more appropriate.


D'oH! My bad - I was focusing so much on where best to put the pronoun in order to achieve (hopefully) correct grammar, I failed to pick the correct version of it. Nevertheless, if that's the only thing that's wrong, then I've done well. :)


I'm not completely comfortable with you referring to their pregnancy as "it", but the sentence is grammatically correct and understandable even with the controversial semantics.


Easily fixed!

boghDI' bIH, yatlh. poH luchoq.


Yes, that's probably better, if not an exact translation. I was, of course, attempting to paraphrase Dr. McCoy's famous response: "Nearest thing I can figure out is, they're born pregnant. Which is really quite a timesaver." ;-)

So, it is the tribbles' very state of being pregnant that's saving the time, not the tribbles themselves actively saving it. If there's a way to say 'which,' we could possibly express it better that way, since I don't expect there to be a word for 'timesaver' ...


poH choqwI' ? :-)

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