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Still stuck in Food Lesson 9 after Basics 2

Could someone at Duolingo please tell me what's going on? The only thing I can do now is refresh the lesson, which I've done about 10x with all hearts. I've been translating (why? What do I get for that?) Still stuck. Is this just not the site for me? I was really enjoying the review...

July 11, 2012



Do you still have a bunch of points to get to master the skill? I'm currently at 198/260 for that lesson and have been going through iterations of refreshing the skill to build up those points for a while now. I think (and others can definitely correct me if I'm wrong) the first nine parts are to get you acquainted to the new vocabulary, and then you have the "Refresh this skill" part to keep going through as practice until you accumulate the remaining points needed.


I'm switching up lessons now since I can't seem to finish any of them. I don't know what points you are talking about. There seem to be three sets of them that I equally ignore because none seem connected. I'm level nine on one, but have mastered out of both basics if that is what you mean.

I've redone many lessons as I saw fit. I've probably refreshed the foods section a dozen times now. YES! I KNOW das Ei now, THANK-YOU.

I don't mine taking dozens of vocabulary lessons, but that doesn't seem to be what Duolingo wants from me.

Simply, how do I get to the next lesson? Why am I stuck? I started masculine/feminine out of frustration and am stuck there too. Why can't anyone tell me this? Why is this site so unspecific with these points and grades?


When I mouseover the Food lesson, I get a black box that pops up next to it and shows me my current points progress for that lesson, a description of what's covered in the lesson, a list of sample words, and the requirements. That's where I'm seeing the 198/260. The same thing happens when I put the mouse over any other lesson.

Along with the accumulated points for an individual lesson, there are overall skill points accumulated (the total of points from all lessons started plus points from translations; I'm currently at 1383). The overall skill points is what is shown in the section on the right (with the daily progress, etc).

To make it a little more crazy, there is also the current progress in the overall skill level shown in the section on the right (I'm currently at Level 7). This is an overall progress level and is different than the levels seen in the individual lessons.

So, in a hopefully helpful summary, when you select an individual lesson you'll have levels to progress through in that lesson. As you do that, you accumulate points. After completing all of the levels in that lesson, if there are still points to be obtained before that section is considered mastered, you'll just keep refreshing that skill until those points are racked up (and yeah, for this food section, it takes quite a number of times through). All of the points you obtain by going through the different lessons and completing translations are tallied as a running total and called skill points. And on top of all of that, there is an overall level of progress to indicate how far you've gone in the language as a whole.

Again, this is all based on my experience with the site and what I think is happening. I hope it helps, and I hope others will correct any errors I've made.


Go to the page where you can see lessons and German found on the internet. There should be a progress bar near the upper right corner of the screen with an option to test out of the subject.

If you pass this you auto-complete it and are given "mastery" with the full number of points. Be careful you don't try this too soon however, you only get a certain number of tries before you have to prove your proficiency the old fashioned way.


I don't want to Test Out, though. I want to complete the lesson. There now seems no way to finish the lesson at all. I can translate. But that will again bump me out of the lesson once my score is too high.

One reason I hate the translations is that the highest scores are word-to-word transcriptions that are garbage, for the most part. So I don't get to see a correct translation and assess my mistakes.

mlabrum - thank-you for the long description. I still don't understand the logic behind this at all. Does Duolingo want crappy translations while holding the possibility of another lesson over our heads (maybe not, though, since the program randomly kicks you out of lessons for too high scores, without telling you the score?)

I really thought I had found a fun alternative to Rosetta Stone (which is like slogging through tar.) I don't mind tons of repetition if that is what Duolingo wants...but what the heck does it WANT??????


Enter the Food skill and click on the blue book. That should give you the last lesson for this skill.

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