How do you know when to use "ĉu" in a sentence?

What is the difference between "ĉu mi povas" and "mi povas"?

November 30, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Using your example, "Mi povas." means "I can." This is a statement.

    Adding "ĉu" to the beginning of a statement turns it into a question. So "Ĉu mi povas?" turns "I can." into "Can I?"

    Mi trinkas. = I drink (or I am drinking). Ĉu mi trinkas? = Do I drink? (or am I drinking?).

    "Ĉu" can also mean "whether", but I won't discuss that here because that wasn't your question.

    Ĉu marks the sentence as a question with a limited number of fixed responses (usually yes/no).

    In your example: "can I?" vs. "I can"

    Ĉu is used to ask a question which can take a yes OR no answer.

    Ĉu mi povas iri? = Can I go ?

    Mi povas iri = I can go.

    Mi povas! (konstato) Ĉu mi povas? (demando) Ĉu vi scias, ĉu mi povas?

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