"Makemake ʻo Kēhau i ka mea uliuli."

Translation:Kēhau likes the blue one.

November 30, 2018

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Dark green? Uliuli could be any dark color, correct? Especially blue.


uliuli is blue or dark blue not green


I've seen it used (here) to mean dark green - in the same way I've seen, in English, "peacock" and "teal" followed by either blue or green. I still never know which they mean; kinda leaves you guessing! Greater precision would clarify better, imho.


uliuli could be a variety of dark colors, including blue, green, and gray.


Wow, seems blue and green are such important colors in Hawaii there would be MANY words for them. There must be more to this story! :)


Manomano NEW Hawaiian dictionary look up Hawiian words:

link: manomano.io

link for (uliuli): https://manomano.io/definition/35756


Mahalo nui no kēia link! First really helpful information I've seen. Is there a way you can get this info to the programmers? It's very helpful in clarifying this ongoing issue!


AND - for what it's worth, the program did accept "the dark one" without and specific color mentioned. Gotta ask my kumu!


It did not accept dark one for me


Cool app!! If I could give you a lingot I would!


My answer: Kehau wants the blue one.


Same, this one tripped me up


The hawaiian dictionary shows uliuli as both green and blue and this program uses it as dark green and dark blue previously.


Not sure I like being wrong for something that can be blue or green.


I'm not native hawaiian but I would suppose the reason why Makemake means both "want" and "like" is because it literally just means "like" but it's used to mean "want" in a less direct way. Similar to how we say "I would like" in English. Perhaps if you used the literal word for "I desire" it would have a negative connotation closer to the English words such as covet, lust, or greed. Not something you'd want to say.

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