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  5. "We are reading the books."

"We are reading the books."

Translation:paqmey DIlaDlI'.

November 30, 2018



Does "lI'" mean the same thing as "taH"?


-lI' means the same thing as -taH, except -lI' includes the idea that you're making progress toward a known stopping point, while -taH includes no notion of a stopping point (but doesn't rule out the possibility). The known stopping point of reading books is probably finishing reading them.

DIlaDtaH we continuously read them

DIlaDlI' we are making progress in reading them


Awesome. Thanks! One more question I think you would know: I noticed there was a verb that began with HI and one that began with yI, and both were commands. Do you know what the difference is? Is one singular and one plural? Thanks.


The imperative (command) prefixes are explained in the Tips & Notes for the Skill two later.

It's a little complicated, but basically, yI- is used when you are supposed to do the action to "it" and HI- is used when you are supposed to do the action to "me".


Yes, I think I just jumped the gun a little in the lessons and would have figured that out had I just waited and learned. lol

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