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  5. "मैं कुछ नहीं लूँगा।"

"मैं कुछ नहीं लूँगा।"

Translation:I will not take anything.

December 1, 2018



"I will not take anything" seems like a possible interpretation, but I think the more direct translation is "I will take nothing", which should be accepted.


That should work too, maybe there is a way to report/suggest that, not sure


I agree.... "I will take nothing" . I was taught that 'kuch nhin' meant NOTHING (something not) ... so come on Duo.


Agree. Reported 10/7/2020, one year after you. Still not fixed.


Why "I will take nothing" is not accepted? An explanation is needed please. Thank you.


I will take nothing should be accepted, because it is possible to say it in two ways in English:I will not take anything or I will take nothing.I am a mother-tongue English speaker and also an English teacher.


I add my voice to the group saying that "I will take nothing" should also be accepted here. I wait for a cogent counter-argument, or for someone to change this! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO US.


'I will take nothing.' ought to be accepted.

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