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  5. "Shimá dóola bee hólǫ́."

"Shimá dóola bee hólǫ́."

Translation:My mother has a bull.

December 1, 2018



Is there a reason it doesn't allow mom instead of mother?


Yáʼátʼééh! I think the translation would be the same for my mother / my mom. In Navajo: shimá

I hope it helps. :)


My mother - mother - mom have been interchangeable for many other sentences. This one requires the "my" for some reason.


How is hólǫ́ different from bee hólǫ́?

According to the hover text bee can mean has like hólǫ́, so it that sense it seems superfluous. It can also mean she, but then the word mother is already there? When it's first person no word seems to replace bee, it's just removed, it's just

<pre>Shi dóola hólǫ́? </pre>

I think?


Or do o la (i mean dö la)

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