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something got stucked

hello there! i m doing hindi lessons...level5 letter4 started 3 days ago...till now i passed 14 lessons in that level but number of lessons got strucked on 72 all times..doenst changed...its strange...could anybody say how to move it? i still gaining points daily..like today i got 60points...but its anxious that looks like i didint start that letter4 even....72..ll be gratefull

December 1, 2018

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Are you sure you haven't done all the lessons in that unit? Once you have done them all, and have a crown with a "5" in it, there are no more, and instead it shows you "72/72 lessons" - it means you have done all 72 of the lessons in that unit. You can still keep doing the lessons as practice, but that "72" won't change.

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