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"Saya belajar pertumbuhan hewan."

Translation:I study animal growth.

December 1, 2018




  • The prefix pe- and the affix -an are used to form nouns

  • Pertumbuhan means growth

  • The root is tumbuh (verb) which means to grow


Studying the growth of animal is part of veterinary science - how do you translate "I study veterinary science" in Indonesian?


We can use ilmu to refer to science as a field of study. Ilmu kedokteran would be medical science and ilmu kedokteran hewan would be veterinary science (lit. science medical animal).

Another cool one is using jiwa, which means soul. Ilma kedokteran jiwa is psychology.


I was taught that /belajar/ is an intransitive verb and therefore cannot take an object without a preposition like /tentang/. A transitive way of saying this would be to use /mempelajari/ as the verb in the example sentence instead. Or else insert /tentang/ so that the example sentence reads "Saya belajar tentang pertumbuhan hewan."

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