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  5. "I will work every day now."

"I will work every day now."

Translation:मैं अब हर दिन काम करूँगा।

December 1, 2018



Why they f*ck do they pronounce अब like the English word "Ab"? I have never heard anyone pronounce it that way


Gut feel was that I'd need to say "अब से हर दिन" in the same way you say "कल से हर दिन".

Know that the English says "every day now" not "every day from now" but didn't want to fall into the trap of giving a literal translation — can anyone give some pointers on the grammar differences at play here?


It can translate to - मैं अब हर दिन काम करूँगी since the gender in the english sentence isn't specified


hi, why is the prefix 'काम' is needed and not just 'करूँगा' ?


मैं अब हर दिन करूँगा = I will do every day now. करना = To do, काम करना = To do work (To work,) काम means work


I said मैं हर दिन अब काम करूँगी. Why is that wrong?

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