"ʻO kēia ka mahina ʻo Malaki."

Translation:This is the month of March.

December 1, 2018

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If the translation is this is the month of march shouldnt it be "o malaki" instead of " 'o malaki"?


Could someone explain when you use " ʻo" vs "o" with months and other proper nouns? I can't seem to figure out a pattern. Mahalo!


This might be part of the answer. With "'o" you've got a name, with "o" you've got "of, that belongs to." I guess March doesn't "have" a month, and the Hawaiian way to say it's March is "This is the month (named) March." But this way of looking at "'o" doesn't work for "'O kēia."


Take a look at Rabelonʻs reply. Follow the link.

(Link:) https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30494078

(ʻO ka) mahina hea kēia? = What (which) month is this?

ʻO kēia ka mahina ʻo Malaki. = This is the month, March.

Take a look at the postings between jdmcowan and me, RonRGB at the link below


nā iʻoa / the names

ʻO au ʻo Nani =.......................................I am Nani.

ʻO kēia alanui ʻo Kanoelehua. =............ This street is Kanoelehua.

ʻO kēia ka mahina ʻo Malaki. =..............This is the month, March.

Look at (slides 1 through 21) explaining Hawaiian equational sentence structure with (he) and (ʻo).

Note slide 11, and especially 19.

ka pepeke ʻaike he...............................ke pepeke ʻaike ʻo

(Link) https://www.slideshare.net/malama777/aike-101

When you want to give the proper name of something, you need to use (ʻo) before the name in this sentence pattern.

ʻO kēia ka mahina ʻo ʻOkakopa. = This is the month of October. Or This is the month, October.


WOW, I just spent about 20 minutes trying to untangle all of those discussions! Thank you for all the thoughts and explanations, especially the one between you and jdmcowan (althought they made my head hurt ;) ). I didn't used to be confused about this, or so I thought, but now I am – so saved the discussions to contemplate again later. Mahalo for detailed explanations!

(Meanwhile, the good news is that ʻO and o sound pretty much alike when spoken, so if I ever get to the point where I can try to talk to someone in Hawaiian they won't be able to tell if I got it right or not – haha!)


But no "the" was provided to click on.


Mahina doesn't mean "March" (the month)


True. It means "month"

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