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"This year I am going to eat more fish and less beef."

Translation:Cette année je vais manger plus de poisson et moins de bœuf.

April 4, 2013



Is there are specific reason why "cet an" is not correct in this case?


Thank you; this is so helpful!


Why don't "poisson" and "boeuf" take an article here?


Expressions like: plus de, moins de, autant de, beaucoup de, peu de... are all built without an article.


so, adverbs hijacked to be adjectival take no article?


I dare say yes, although your way of putting it has puzzled me a bit...


It makes sense: adjectives naturally take articles and agreement, but since adverbs do not, it breaks the normal noun system a bit, using only root nouns rather than an article.


Thank you for that. I can't wait till the Duo -"learn English" eventually opens!


I think he means does the fact that the phrases "plus de" and "moins de" exist in the sentence override the fact beef and fish are normally preceeded by "du" as they are masculine?

For example, I said 'plus du poisson' and 'moins du boeuf' and so I got it wrong. I though they would take the masculine but it seems the phrases moins de and plus de supersede them. Is this correct?


You will understand this if you use feminine nouns:

  • je vais manger plus de soupe et moins d'huile:

The basic partitive would be "plus -de la- soupe" and "moins -de la/l'- huile".

But with these expressions of quantity, the article is dropped: plus de[la] soupe, moins d' [la/l'] huile.

For masculine: plus de[le] boeuf et moins de[le] poisson.


it puzzles me that shoudn't the words start with a vowel all use cet rather than cette/ce?


cet is masculine and cette feminine.

  • ce matin
  • cet ami
  • cet homme
  • cette femme
  • ces gens


Why can't we use 'davantage' here


An omission in the list of possible answers. We need to report it.


@sitesurf- plz can u explain d reason for using cette année insted of cet an???


with demonstratives or possessives, "year" is always "année": cette année, ces années, mon année, mes années... mostly because they refer to a period/duration.

To know more: click here


What is wrong with "cette année-ci"?


Why not 'du' instead of 'de'?


In all expressions of quantity "de" is used without an article: moins de, autant de, plus de, trop de, beaucoup de, etc.


ouah! Jai la traduit correctement! Mais je sais pas si jai traduit correctement le mot "traduit"! >P


Why arent poisson and boeuf plural here?


eat more fish and less beef = uncountable nouns = "more/less of an undefined quantity of a mass thing".

same in French: plus de poisson and moins de boeuf, is a comparative variant of "du poisson, du boeuf".

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