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  5. "Red against blue"

"Red against blue"

Translation:Rouge contre bleu

April 4, 2013



Why not "Le rouge contre le bleu?" And why is this the first time not putting pronouns in front of nouns is acceptable?


"le" is not a pronoun, but a definite article.

As to why the sentence does not use articles, we don't have any context to explain why but it should be possible.


Le rouge contre le bleu worked for me 2/7/14


That's 'the red against the blue'.


I see the creators of Duolingo enjoy some good, old-fashioned Halo.


"Les rouges contre les bleu" also works. Why not "Le rouge" or "La rouge" ? (I don't knot if rouge is masculine or feminine). Are all colours thought of as plural when we refer to them as a noun?


"rouge contre bleu" is made of two adjectives. singular "le rouge contre le bleu" or plural:"les rouges contre les bleus" are nouns.

In French, adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they qualify.

"rouge" has only two forms, since feminine and masculine are identical : un poisson rouge; une fleur rouge ; des poissons rouges; des fleursrouges.

"bleu" has all feminine and masculine forms, in plural and singular:

  • un poisson bleu - une fleur bleue
  • des poissons bleus - des fleurs bleues

When used as color nouns, colors are masculine: le rouge, le bleu


Great explanation....thanks.


How is the plural "Les rouges contre les bleus" translated as "Red against blue" rather than "Reds against blues" a correct format? Isn't there a difference between the singular word "red" and the plural "reds" in english as well as french languages? It does seem that "Le rouge contre le bleu" is singular with the definite article (the) red against (the) blue. I'm a beginner, so this is all a learning experience :-)


Why isn't 'sur' acceptable?


I suspect the English would be "on" and not "against", which is the word you have to learn in French = contre.


Oh. Thank you.


Why les but not des

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