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  5. Why am I stuck????


Why am I stuck????

Why am I stuck, not moving forward, and all I can do is refresh one lesson over and over? I can't go back and do other lessons. I can't move forward even though I have all my hearts.

I'm translating like crazy but I don't want to skip any lessons with translating.

Help!!!!! What is going on here?

July 12, 2012



If you are stuck and don't want to do translations for whatever reason, you may not gain enough points to progress. I suggest you do all the lessons and then master out of it - you get 3 attempts so don't mess it up. Click "Test out of this skill" in the top right corner.


But then again, I'm missing the rest of the lesson which I really want.

So in other words, Duolingo gives these lessons but doesn't let you finish them?


Oh and I wouldn't mind translating except the top translations are completely word for word transcriptions that make no sense. Several I spent a lot of time on, only to be deemed WRONG while looking at the most popular which were more clunky than old Babelfish translations.


@bel99 - Re Babelfish translations - see my Insight http://duolingo.com/#/comment/28371

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