"ka ʻai a i ʻole ka iʻa"

Translation:poi or fish

December 1, 2018



isnt poi simply "poi"? Also ka = the or is that not the case in a question/choice?

December 1, 2018


I wondered about that, too. According to Wiktionary, ' ʻai ' just means any food that isn't fish, whereas poi in particular is indeed 'poi'.

December 11, 2018


Thanks, garpike. I'm editing the comment I made a half hour ago. I checked 'ai in my dictionary." ʻAi: 1. nvt Food or food plant, especially vegetable food as distinguished from iʻa, meat or fleshy food; often 'ai refers to specifically to poi." So DL has it right.

December 11, 2018


Thanks for this information. I don't have a proper Hawaiian dictionary; Wiktionary is pretty reliable for major languages, but less so for more minor ones.
It's interesting that a general word for food has acquired a more specific meaning—usually, this happens the other way round.

December 12, 2018


Maybe this will help

December 28, 2018


"the poi or the fish" was also accepted for me :)

December 3, 2018


DL seems not to require that we literally state "the" every time we see ka/ke even though ʻōlelo requires that or an equivalent to mark the noun. I am under the impression that to translate "Poi or fish" from English into Hawaiian, youʻd have to insert articles (noun markers).

December 4, 2018


I don't quite understand a i 'ole. Does that all represent or?

February 18, 2019


That has been my guess, and I've been marked correct. There have been many times I feel like DL is teaching us the language the same way children learn - by guessing based on repeated examples. Seems to be working, and it's sometimes a bit scary!

March 18, 2019


That is exactly the idea of how Duolingo approaches teaching languages. It's just like how children learn (with the exception of tips & notes).

April 30, 2019


what is "poi" is it another food?

June 18, 2019
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