"I remember everything."

Translation:Io ricordo tutto.

April 4, 2013

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I have been here before had several candidates ready:

Mi ricordo tutto!, Ricordo tutto!!, Ricordo di tutto!!!.

In the end I moved boldly for the last :-(. But Duo wants Io ricordo tutto or Mi ricordo di tutto and warns me to be Be careful not to confuse "Mi" and "io"!

The weeping owl on the last one! I shall make a note of the right answer and come at it again ....

Edit I have been on the Word Reference forum again ... a native speaker (Lombardy) says

<pre>Mi ricordo tutto --- OK Io ricordo tutto --- OK Ricordo tutto --- Preferred Ricordo di tutto --- OK (but may not work 'in some contexts') Mi ricordo di tutto --- OK </pre>

It would be better if there was a button to see all of the answers Duo accepts on a sentence. That should be easy compared with changing the hearts to the gold button strip or whatever. BTW it would also be good if the admonitions (like Be careful not to confuse "Mi" and "io"! ) could be quietly removed. Machines are not that clever and it just makes the Owl look stupid :-)


Hi Peter,

Glad to see you did your research! Your northern friend is right, all of those work except for ricordo di tutto which isn't in the system (it would be more like "I remember just about anything" if you actually wanted to use it).

The use of the pronoun and di is similar in Spanish if you're familiar with it: acordarse de, and recordar.

And you're right, the "be careful..." notes can be a bit vague and frustrating, but right now we're working on making them far more accurate than just "wrong word". Pretty cool stuff coming up!

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