"the woman"

Translation:ka wahine

December 2, 2018



I'm kind of getting the vibe that there are at least some masculine and feminine words ans we adjust the article to match.

Ka wahine- the woman Ke Keiki - the child Ke keikamahine- the girl

Maybe im making it up in my head but it seems like using an a occasionally denotes femininity


I'm not sure, but I guess it's just the article changing according to the first letter of the following noun. "Ka" in front of k becomes "Ke": ka hale, ka noho, ka tūtū kāne (grandpa); but ke keiki, ke kaikamahine, etc.


What the different between ( kā wahine) and (ka wahine)?


I just saw that if you tap at the underlined word, there appear some helps and Tipps or even the solution

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