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  5. "This fruit is sweet."

"This fruit is sweet."

Translation:यह फल मीठा है।

December 2, 2018



Can someone please tell me what verb form the word खाने is in? I believe it some form of the word खाना but I don't know what context it would be used in.


Yes it's the same word, it's the infinitive form of खाना, it is used in many situations, मैं खाने जा रहा हूँ = I am going to eat. And this form can be used with all verbs, मैं सोने से पहले खाऊंगा = I will eat before sleeping. I'm sure there is some rule for when to use करना and when to use करने, I just learned based on where I saw it used though, i.e. 'Going to do' is 'करने जाना', as well as if a preposition comes after the verb, as in मैं सोने से पहले खाऊंगा, से follows सोना so it becomes सोने. Another example: मैं हिंदी समझने में काफ़ी खराब हूँ = I'm quite bad in understanding Hindi, समझना is followed by में, so it becomes समझने. Hope this helped!


Sorry, I meant to say that खाने is just like खाना in that they are both the infinitive form of the verb.


Thank you this was very helpful!


This fruits are sweet.


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khana is both action and verb. watch out and use your desecration in finding where is verb and where is action


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