"Do you like blueberries?"

Translation:Makemake ʻoe i ka pīʻai?

December 2, 2018



Is na pi'ai acceptable? blueberries is plural

December 22, 2018

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Quoting Kelii: when talking in generalities, the singular form can be used as plural. If you were talking specifically about the blueberries you picked today at a fruit farm, then nā pīʻai would make sense.

January 14, 2019


Just wondering if they could include other sentence structures like:

‘O ka pī‘ai kou makemake?

I would say since they didnt teach it as much to put subject at the po‘o maybe they shouldn't include it, but I just came across "‘O ka mea hea kou makemake?" which is in the same Subject-Po‘o (po‘o is head) structure.

March 15, 2019
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