"Do you like blueberries?"

Translation:Makemake ʻoe i ka pīʻai?

December 2, 2018

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Is na pi'ai acceptable? blueberries is plural

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    Quoting Kelii: when talking in generalities, the singular form can be used as plural. If you were talking specifically about the blueberries you picked today at a fruit farm, then nā pīʻai would make sense.


    Just wondering if they could include other sentence structures like:

    ‘O ka pī‘ai kou makemake?

    I would say since they didnt teach it as much to put subject at the po‘o maybe they shouldn't include it, but I just came across "‘O ka mea hea kou makemake?" which is in the same Subject-Po‘o (po‘o is head) structure.


    I just wish I could ask the developers of the language program to improve the structure of each lesson. There are a few pronunciation practice drills, there are a few very basic pictures with identifying Hawaiian name, and then there are sentences that use words some of the words but sometimes add additional words/pronouns etc that are not included in the lesson. To me the development of the vocabulary doesn't build well for at least me. I don't seem to have the opportunity to practice new introduced words enough in following lessons. I don't feel like completing all 5 circles in a lesson block gives one a strong understanding of the basic words used in one of the blocks. New words are added but previous words are not repeated. I am very happy we have this opportunity I am just wondering if Duo's claim that it improves the language learning app through I guess big data from its users is taking place particularly in Hawaiian? I know this will not get to the designers but I have not found a way to at least send them feedback


    Expand your knowledge to include other sources of ʻŌlelo Hawai'i. wehewehe.org is an excellent site The Words section of DL has audio on almost every phrase. YouTube and KSBE are just some resources you can utilize.


    To stephenbartlett: Agreed. Another issue I've had is that sometimes words actually used in the lessons are not included in the Duo-embedded dictionary (can usually find in other wehewehe but it seems if it's in Duo it should be in the Duo Dictionary! :)

    Also it would be great to have a feedback form so it at least feels like my comments / suggestions go someplace (we all want to make this as good as it can be!!), without waiting for a developer / expert (all volunteers, is my impression???) "happens" upon a good constructive comment such as the above.


    this is missing mau or nā in front of the pīʻai to show that there is plural.


    What dictionary does pīʻai come from for blue berry?

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