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"Der Eindruck von ihm ist schlecht."

April 4, 2013



I don't fully understand in what context this sentence can be used. I wrote "His impression is bad" and it was marked correct, but then another correct answer would be "The impression of him is bad".

Does this mean that someone is doing a bad impression of him (i.e. pretending to be him, but unsuccessfully)... or does it mean that he is doing an impression of someone else, but unsuccessfully?


Someone gives you an impression in the sense that you get an idea of what this person is like. It doesn't have to do with impersonating other people.


Thanks, that does make a lot more sense. I think a better English translation in that case would be "His impression is negative", I personally wouldn't use the word "bad" in English but I guess that's just the way it's said in German.


Can't you say that someone "leaves a bad impression"? The problem might have to do more with the sentence structure than with the words.


The sentence is not used in this way in german language - you are right: it is more like "Er hinterlässt einen schlechten Eindruck" oder "Ich habe eine schlechten Eindruck von ihm"

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