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  5. "The people want."

"The people want."

Translation:Makemake ka poʻe.

December 2, 2018



Can you use na and ka interchangeably with po'e? One example used na po'e, the next used ka po'e. Both seem to mean "the people". Is there any difference?


Yes! We included the "ka poʻe" and "nā poʻe" examples specifically because both can mean "people", in general.


No answers yet. I’m not sure how to get someone from the Hawaiian team to respond.


I updated my comment :) check it.


I'm still learning myself, but according to one text, there are three types of plurals. 1). Sometimes, ke/ka can be construed as plural (ka poʻe); 2). Nā in front of a noun makes it plural but only if we want "the" in the phrase (replacing ka/ke); 3). mau makes a noun plural, such as he mau kānaka but notice that in this example the addition of "he" and the change to kanaka./people, persons. Mau is also used with determiners (kēia, kēlā, etc.).


Is this supposed to be a phrase and not a sentence?


I have the same question as AlanAbonyi

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