"The people don't want."

Translation:ʻAʻole makemake ka poʻe.

12/2/2018, 2:41:43 PM



Trying to understand the word order. Why is “I donʻt like.” Aʻole ʻo au makemake. And “The people donʻt want.” ʻAʻole makemake ka poʻe. Why canʻt it be, “ʻAʻole ka poʻe makemake.”? Mahalo!

12/2/2018, 2:41:43 PM


The position of the subject in a negative sentence follows the verb EXCEPT when the subject is a pronoun. In that case, the subject moves forward to immediately follow the negation.

12/3/2018, 12:51:57 PM


Is po'e singular? Noticing it uses "ka" instead of "nā" which confuses me a little.

3/4/2019, 5:42:43 PM
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