"She is nice."

Translation:Elle est sympa.

April 4, 2013



It can also be "sympa" instead of " gentille "

January 24, 2016


What's the difference between gentille and sympa?

March 29, 2014


We can say they have the same meaning.

March 30, 2014


"c'est jolie" ???? Why it is not right???

March 19, 2016


"C'est" is, I believe, only used for modified nouns, not when adjectives are used by themselves. "Jolie" (and "Joli") means nice in the sense that something looks nice, so if the woman is "jolie", I'd say a more natural-sounding translation (to me at least) is "she is pretty".

Or to put both those things in a sentence, "C'est une jolie jupe" = "It's a nice(-looking) skirt".

May 30, 2016


Thank you very much!!!

May 30, 2016


This is the correct way to spell it "C'est joli(e)" if it is a boy you spell "joli" like that and if it is a girl you spell it like this "jolie" white a "e" at the end of the word.

January 27, 2018


So, if you spell gentille wrong, it says that the answer is "elle est bien"

March 15, 2017


So does jolie only refer to objects?

November 11, 2017


Why not " Elle est jolie" Collins gives C'est du joilie as that's very nice.

November 15, 2017


Apparently it only means nice when applied to an object, when applied to a person it means "pretty"

July 30, 2018


For some reason I thought that "elle est" needed a contraction and put "c'est" but that was wrong. Was I really wrong or is this an error on Duolingo?

November 18, 2013

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I learned this the hard way, by losing hearts!! "Elle est" and "il est" become "c'est" only when the next word is an article (un, une, le, la, or l') or a possessive pronoun, e.g., mon/ma. So, "elle est gentille" but "c'est mon amie". The last tidbit includes a bonus: the masculine "mon" is used for feminine nouns starting with a vowel. ;-)

December 4, 2013


Thank you! That is good to know, I will try to remember this. That last thing I suppose makes sense for reasons of pronunciation, it's easier to say "mon amie" than "ma amie".

January 10, 2014


Jeez! I'll NEVER learn all this stuff! But thanks, once again, for your insight George!

July 20, 2017


Im pretty sure its just elle est because elle cest would be she its

March 16, 2018


"gentile" should register as a typo, not wrong

July 5, 2017

[deactivated user]

    I thought gentile/gentille meant kind.

    January 27, 2018
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