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"I am arranging bananas and apples in the kitchen."

Translation:Aku menyusun pisang dan apel di dapur.

December 2, 2018



i wrote 'saya' instead of 'aku'. Why is 'saya' not correct?


It was correct for me so it was for you.


does this mean arrange as in "flower arranging" or for them to be there as in "i can arrange a car to the airport for you" ?


Bananas give off ethylene, which makes other fruit ripen too quickly. That is why bananas should not be kept in the bowl with the apples and oranges.

I thought this must mean, "I put the bananas here and the apples over here," but came here to see if anyone had a better idea.

I do not think it can mean, "I can arrange for you to have bananas and apples."


Why isn't it "pisang-pisang dan apel-apel" since they're "bananas and apples"?

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