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estacion y temporada

what is the difference between estacion y temporada?

July 12, 2012



I'm guessing you mean why can both words mean seasons of the year. Each word also has other meanings that are very different.

"Estacion" refers to a place and can often be translated as "station." A radio station is "estacion de radio" and a police station is "estacion de policia." I'm not sure why it's used to refer to the seasons of the year, but I would guess it's due to the fact that the seasons are defined by the earth's location relative to the sun.

"Temporada" refers to a period of time. Football season is "temporada de futbol". You would call a TV's first season "la primera temporada". You could also call the rainy time of year "temporada de lluvia." So, it's natural to say, "la temporada de primavera" to mean springtime.

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