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  5. "The boy's shoe is big."

"The boy's shoe is big."

Translation:Der Schuh von dem Jungen ist groß.

April 4, 2013



Why is it Jungen?


In the dative case "der Junge" becomes "dem Jungen".


to elaborate a bit further on that: 'Junge' belongs to the class of weak nouns which use a different declension scheme than the normal strong nouns. There is a third declension class: nominalized adjectives which - although being nouns - follow the declension scheme for adjectives.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_declension#Nouns


Thanks. My knowledge of grammar is a little rusty.


this seems very complicated- can I get away with putting off learning this later on? I'm currently on prepositions


Why is the genitive case used here if it hasn't been taught yet? I keep missing questions on this lesson because of it. Can anyone explain it to me so I don't miss these anymore?


You don't need to use the genitive to answer this. You can answer using von dem Jungen.


Should it not be "des Junges" for the genitive case?


No. "Junge" belongs to the declension class of weak nouns. See here for some other examples: http://www.vistawide.com/german/grammar/german_nouns03.htm


Thanks, that helps a lot.


However Duo now suggests this as a correct translation (at least it's how i was heard by the owl): Des Jungen's Schuh ist groß. So, Genetive, if we're not using von, correct?


There are several issues here:

  • it should read "Des Jungen Schuh"
  • if there were a genitive 's', it would be written without an apostrophe in German
  • In genitive, this word order is so rarely used in modern German that it's close to actually being incorrect. It sounds really stilted and virtually nobody uses it. You can find it in poetry and in literary works from – say – before 1950

Stick to "Der Schuh des Jungen", it's much better.


I wrote "der Schuh der Junge da ist groß" and was corrected with "der Schuh des Jungen da ist groß"


Why "dem Jungen" rather then "des Jungen"? Isn't "von" used with Genitive?


"Von" is a dative preposition.

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