"Dia pun pergi."

Translation:Even she is going.

December 2, 2018

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Howe do we get "even she is going"out of this? Why is "he goes too" wrong?


Both “Even she goes” and “He goes too” should both be acceptable answers. Duolingo, please fix these errors.

Here is my question for B.I. gurus - Duolingo is using even and too interchangably in this sentence, but they have different meanings to Americans. Pun can mean both “even” and “too” in this sentence, but why are they interchangable here as the meaning changes for us?

For example: -- The word "even" in this case is to state the emphasis on his/ her presence. and because if "even she is going", then it is a cool thing, at least in American English. It could be different elsewhere.

—“Even she is going." Really, even her? I never thought she'd go. But hey, if she is going, then so am I.

-- If we say “She is going too,” or “She is also going,” we may or may not want to go -- it is ambiguous. It is just a sentence to let us know who else will be going, but has no implications of whether or not that is a notable thing, or particularly cool.

—How many are going? Ten. I counted nine. Who else? Nadya is going too. Oh. okay.

—Nadya is going too. Oh, we don’t get along. I think I’ll skip this event.

—Nadya also is going. Oh, then I should definitely go along.

This could just be an American thing, but it does impact my understanding of this sentence.


These were my thoughts regarding the semantics also. "Even" has more meaning here than just "too."


"He also go" would be the best translation


I don't think so, because it's grammatically wrong. "He also goes" may be acceptable, but still feels unnatural. "He goes, too", maybe. But I'm open to suggestions.


As far as I know, The mean of "even she is going" is "bahkan dia pergi". Usually we choose by saying She is going or maybe She also go and so on as long as it's not "even". CMIIW Duo20

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