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"Mengapa tidak ada yang tertulis di sini?"

Translation:Why is nothing written here?

December 2, 2018



My mind is having a hard time going from tidak ada yang to nothing, feeling like either Indonesian has left something out or I'm facing a type of idiom.


No it's not an idiom.
If you break it down word by word, then it would be something like this:

'ada' = there is (presence).
'tidak ada' = (no presence), there is not, there is nothing.
'tidak ada yang' = there is nothing that.
'tidak ada yang tertulis di sini.' = there is nothing that is written here.
'Mengapa tidak ada yang tertulis di sini.' = "Why is there nothing that is written here?'
'Mengapa tidak ada yang tertulis di sini.' = "Why is nothing written here?'

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