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"ʻO ka hua ʻai hea kou makemake?"

Translation:Which fruit do you want?

December 2, 2018



Why is "you" kou here instead of 'oe? Wouldn't kou be your?


This is a general point about question words: they don't have the same prime place in the sentence as they do in English. Rather, they are just part of the normal sentence structure you'd use otherwise. Here's an example with a different sentence structure but showing the same substitution:

I want the blue fruit: Makemake au i ka hua ’ai uliuli.

Which fruit do I want? Makemake au i ka hua 'ai hea?

Note that in either case, "hea" (which) just substitutes for the other adjective.


It's hard to remember ( I got it wrong also) but it translates to -which fruit is "your" desire?-


Omg this is tough.


Yeah, this is where Hawaiian grammar started to get tough for me. You might want to use a resource that has a little more structure along with Duolingo. I use the book Nā Kai ’Ewalu, which explains these sentence structures very clearly.

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