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I am intrigued by this course but scared about the difficulty of it. Could someone give me an honest answer of how difficult it is. (And give me some reasons to take it)

December 3, 2018



I think it's not too difficult. The course is structured well and takes you through the basics very nicely. A few things may be a bit difficult to understand, but there is a great sticky post in the discussion that takes you through structure and grammar of the lessons. Each part is practiced often enough to let it sink in well. I think it's a beautiful language, I'm enjoying the course a lot. And personally I also like learning a completely new (for me) writing system that is completely unfamiliar looking at first, but only a few lessons later you can actually read and understand full sentences!


The course is pretty easy... its just the alphabets that you're pretty much on your own for. Much like the Chinese and Hebrew courses, they're pretty useless at teaching the alphabets/characters :/


It's quite easy, don't let the writing system scare you! It's really systematic and if you use outside resources to learn it, you'll have it down in no time! :)

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