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  5. "My mother is from Niʻihau."

"My mother is from Niʻihau."

Translation:No Niʻihau koʻu makuahine.

December 3, 2018


[deactivated user]

    instead of using the 'ding' sound when you get something right, especially if it is a translation from English to Hawaiian, the result should be spoken. Half the time I know the words but not what it sounds like. Also even if the written translation is from Hawaiian to English it should also be pronounced.


    Unfortunately, the moderators of this forum have no control over any of that.


    Is it possible to write "Koʻu makuahine no Niʻihau" instead of "No Niʻihau koʻu makuahine"?


    Doesn't allow me to finish answer before scoring

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