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  5. "Ellos necesitan dinero."

"Ellos necesitan dinero."

Translation:They need money.

April 4, 2013



The engine pronounces in a Latin-american way. The Spanish flag might lead to confusion of some people that want to learn Spanish from Spain.


No article needed before dinero?


Not really... We have an equivalent - "I need money" - it could allow for it maybe in a different context such as Jerry MacGuire screaming "Show me the money!!" Muestrame el dinero!!! So the article can or cannot be used - but it is translated if it is... Sort of also like "Como leche" - I drink milk - Como la leche - I drink the milk


Indeed. No need of the article. Just like in English "They need money". The Jerry MacGuire example by dhaas70 is good. However, "como leche" sound weird (for any spanish speaking) in spite of the article. "Comer" means "eat". You actually drink milk, not eat it. So it should be said "(Yo) bebo leche".


Oops.... I did not mean Como leche... Darn typing skills!!! I was trying to type Tomo leche.... :) Either that or I let my milk sit on the counter too long... :)

Good catch Danidebuti!!!

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