"हाँ, मैं चाय पीता हूँ।"

Translation:Yes, I drink tea.

December 3, 2018



Really strange to have a woman's voice on this one...

December 3, 2018


Yes.. I agree. Here पीता refers to a masculine subject. i.e. When it a male person referring to himself. If it was a female saying this it would be हॉ, मैं चाय पीती हूँं।

January 5, 2019


Does Hindi treat simple present and present continous differently?

Is "Yes, I am drinking tea." correct?

May 13, 2019


"Yes, I am drinking tea."

I think that would be हाँ मैं चाय पी रहा हूँ

June 30, 2019


no, gitaarfreak, they are different tenses. Hindi has more tenses than you use in Dutch or English, has many structural similarities with Latin

June 3, 2019
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