"Saya berkumpul dengan mereka."

Translation:I get together with them.

December 3, 2018

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What is the difference between "bertemu" amd "berkumpul" because in English there isn't really a difference between "I meet with them" and "I get together with them", assuming both are talking about gathering in physical space and not abstractly.


Please take a look at the picture of this news article :

Those people are gathering together.
Imagine you're one of them.
In such a case you would say the above sentence :
"Saya berkumpul dengan mereka" ('I get together with them').

Take a look at the picture of this news article :

The President is shaking hands with some people.
In such a situation, the President could say:
"Saya bertemu dengan mereka." ('I meet with them').

That's the the difference in ID between "bertemu" (to meet) and "berkumpul" (to gather).


"berkumpul" has an image where they form a cluster.


I wrote I gather with them and I was wrong :-(


That's strange ... It should be accepted.
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In English, 'get together' can mean that you started dating someone or maybe started a project with someone. Does berkumpul cover this or do you use a different word?


No. The image of "kumpul" is scattering pieces are converging to one place. A related word of "berkumpul" is "mengumpulkan" (a transitive verb). -- you'll learn "me-" and "me-kan" verbs later. "Saya mengumpulkan koin", for example, means "I collect coins" (I am a coin collector). There are many coins in the world. I collect them, so they are gathered in one place. "Berkumpul" is an intransitive version of "mengumpulkan". "Saya berkumpul dengan mereka" = "I meet up with them, so all of us are now in one place".

"To date with someone" is "berkencan" (the root word is "kencan", meaning "a date" or "a meeting appointment"). "To mingle with someone/to socialize" is "bergaul" (sometimes including sexual context).

"To start a project" is "mulai proyek", or "membangun proyek" (lit. translation is "set up/build a project").


I was wondering the same thing. Especially in this sentence. Do they mean "start dating" or just meet up and go somewhere.


I meet with them... no good?


" I gather with them" was marked wrong


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Can someone please explain the difference between berkumpul and bersama? Thanks in advanve.


"Berkumpul" is like when you gather everyone or everything together, while "bersama" is like when you are trying to be with them or doing something together. "Berkumpul" is like saying "assemble", while "bersama" is like saying "with" or "be with".


Thanks for the explanation AVAX3M.

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