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  5. "Aia ke kelepona ma ka noho."

"Aia ke kelepona ma ka noho."

Translation:The phone is on the chair.

December 3, 2018



This comment is not for this sentence in particular but as a beginner, i'm finding the audio to be too fast. I can't imagine that i'm the only one. I'm not asking for super slow but i can't follow conversational speed yet....


I've found most of the audio recordings are moderate speed, but the good news is that most are very clear. In longer sentences, I have a hard time understanding, but after I play the recording a few times, read the text, and listen again, it starts to make sense.

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What is the difference between ma and i?


They can both be used for the place where something is located or is happening. Only i can be used for movement towards a location - ma cannot be used for that. Thus they are both often translated as "at/in/on" but only i is sometimes translated as "to/towards".


"The telephone is on the chair" is not accepted!


Why are you telling us here? Did you report it?


For me too, I reported it on 03.23.2019 and I hope they fix it. Soon!!!!!


What's the difference between aia and he?


I saw someone else say "he" is used as "is a" (must have "a" in the sentence) , while "aia" is used for something or someone physically present somewhere. So far it seems right.


Yes my understanding is these are two different pepeke (sentence forms): - "Aia" starts a sentence to indicate (or ask about) location in time or space. So: Aia ia ma ka pākaukau = it is on the table. - "He" starts a "class inclusion" sentence, saying something is in the class of something else. So: He pākaukau kēia = This is a table.

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