"You are bad."

Translation:आप बुरी हैं।

December 3, 2018

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What is the rule for the ending of बुरी, here? I thought since we're using आप, it should be बुरे?


बुरी is the only feminine form. For masculine nouns, it's बुरा for singular and बुरे for plural. So, you use बुरे or बुरी with आप.


Here we r talking about feminine gender (स्त्रीलिंग) So it will be बुरी not बुरे।


Pretty polite for calling someone a bad person.


Yep. And then, they sound pretty rude when calling someone a good person lol


Why is duolingo using respectful tone when saying someone is bad? Saying that someone is bad itself shows loss of respect. Duolingo should say "aap acche hai" for "you are good" and "tum buri hai" for "you are bad"


It's not so cut and dry. The choice of आप-तुम-तू is done based on factors such as age, familiarity, setting etc and not on the content of your speech. Use of तुम for someone older, even when in the middle of an argument, may seem crass and ill-mannered, reflecting poorly on you.

It also goes the other way. तुम is much more intimate than आप and if you suddenly start using आप with a friend, it may seem like you are distancing yourself from them

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    On a side note, 'tum buri hai' is ungrammatical.

    Aap/ hum - hain Tum - ho Tu - hai Mai - hoon


    What's wrong with तुम बुरा हो?


    तुम conjugates like a plural. So, it should be either तुम बुरे हो (to a man) or तुम बुरी हो (to a woman).


    Why is बुरा not accepted? If you are speaking to a male or female, wouldn't that change how the word "bad" is conjugated?


    If you're speaking with a male, it would have to be बुरे since आप needs plural adjectives. This is also true for तुम.

    If you have तू, it would be बुरा and बुरी.


    I'm confused. If आप is plural why the verb is not हो? Isn't हैं used for वे,ये,हम?


    हो is only used with तुम. With आप, you need to use हैं just like for वे,ये and हम.


    So despite the sentence mentioning nothing about formality or gender in English, the only acceptable translation is highly formal and feminine? Reported. Several times over.


    आप बुरा हैं?

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      With āp, use plural verbs (buree or bure)


      Why was तुम बुड़े हो not accepted?


      It should be बुरे instead of बुड़े


      Please, i am french and i want to know how use devanagari keyboard ? Thank you for your answer.


      On your computer, you can download the Google Input tools extension if you are using the Chrome browser and add the Devanagari keyboard.

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        If you are on the phone and use GBoard, you can download the Hindi keyboard. If you are on the computer, DL won't give you a question where you have to type in the answer (in my experience). If you want one for other reasons, you can use the one in Google Translate and copy paste. (Some people give answers about what to do on certain models, but I don't know anything about computers so I don't know about that.)

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