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"The house is hot in the summer in Kona."

Translation:Wela ka hale i ke kau wela ma Kona.

December 3, 2018



Here is what appeared on the screen when I submitted my answer:

You have a typo. Wela ka hale ma ke kau wela mo Kona.

I had "o kona" which was wrong. But the typo shows "mo kona" instead of "ma kona". Needs to be fixed?


I would say yes, since I looked up "mo" in their dictionary (under "...more") and it said "There doesn't appear to be a translation for "mo" in either of the selected languages. Try another search?"! Did you report it?


I've had similar bugs on multiple occasions where mostly prepositions are displayed with an additional letter on the typo window (4/2020)


i/ma umh? I know ma is more general and i is more specific. So is Aia ʻo ia ma Kona i kona hale or Aia ʻo ia i kona hale ma Kona correct?


Wouldn't those both mean, "He/She is at the house in Kona"?


Is it possible to switch the position of "ma Kona" and "i ke kau" in Hawaiian, or is the sentence structure inflexible?


Aloha! It seems it is possible to do that, but I cannot be sure of this. I have used a translation with a different structure from Wela ka hale i ke kau wela ma Kona. (which I would say that sounds very beautiful and musical from my imagination, but perhaps the sentence I have used has also a beautiful rhythm in the word structure), and it was also accepted:

Wela ka hale (The house is hot) ma Kona (in Kona) i ke kau wela (in the summer) / The house is hot in the summer in Kona.

I hope it helps. :)

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