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Split sentences in Immersion translations (German)

I don't know if other European languages are having this problem (e.g. French) but when a period comes in the middle of a sentence as it does after a number (e.g. date) the sentence is split and we end up translating only half a sentence. Is there a way to mark sentences that should be joined as one, allowing people to disagree in the same way they do now about a translation? Perhaps using the same way to say 'It looks wrong', no new buttons, just give us the opportunity to combine fragments?

Thanks for considering!

May 14, 2014



This happens in all language pairs and it is impossible to join the fragments. There is a semi-official workaround:

Consider the two fragments together, translate them as a single sentence, then divide the translation somewhere and write it into the two fragments. Sometimes this can be done so that each fragment of the translation roughly translates the corresponding original fragment, but often it can't and that's not a problem.

When revising someone else's translation the same principle can be applied. Again, think about the new sentence as a whole, then divide it over the two fragments.


That has been my workaround. Still hoping for something official, but not holding my breath.

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