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Hin oder gehen

I saw in a sentence "hin" used as "go" in English. What's the difference between "hin" and "gehen"? are they interchangeble?

December 3, 2018



usually the verb is hingehen but it can be seperated like : Ich gehe dort hin ( i am going there). hin in it self is not a word which usually can stand alone it always needs a (second part of the ) verb or a word which gives it a meaning. i think only in some situations there the verb was named before it can possilby stand with out the verb.(even though i can not think of an example right now)

maybe you could give an examle? what was the exact sentence you were talking about?

gehen can stand alone without Explanation.

The use of hin allways means that there is a certain destination (which must have been named before at some point otherwise the use of hin would not make sense exeption: in a quetion like "wohin gehst du"? [Where are you going?]) . even if it is used with other verbs like sehen.

ich gehe hin (i go [there])

ich gehe (i go)

ich sehe hin (i look [there])

ich sehe ( i see)

hope it helped a little

December 3, 2018


With modal verbs German often omits a following verb of motion like gehen, when a direction or destination is given (->hin), for example in

  • Ich muss da hin [gehen] => I have to go there ("there" as a motion=da hin).
  • Ich muss nach Hause [gehen] => I have to go home. ("home" as a destination = nach Hause)
  • Er muss weg [gehen] => He has to go [away] ("away" = weg).
  • Kann das weg [gehen]? => Can this be put away?

In all these examples it would be quite unnatural to put "gehen". So even if the question obviously seems to be stupid to some - who down-voted it - it comes from an important observation about the German way to say things ;-).

December 4, 2018


That's a very handy little tip, thanks Max!

P.S. No intelligent person should ever worry about the up- and down-voting on this forum. As far as I've seen, it reflects a rather crude mess of tribalism, game-playing, populism, prejudice and outright sociopathy. Oh, a bit like politics then, which I also ignore. :-)

December 4, 2018
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