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I CANNOT get rid of inappropriate vocablulary.

No matter how many times I try in classroom settings, words like "vino" still appear. What's the apparently secret way to make this stuff not appear when be used by elementary aged kids?

December 3, 2018



We're currently trying to fix a bug regarding mature words appearing in student's language trees. If you can email teachers@duolingo.com with a screenshot of the question, the language being learned, the student username, and classroom name, we can replicate the lesson and find the question in order to remove it from the tree.

It's understandable that some teachers and parents do not want to expose young users to words like 'wine' and 'beer' but there is also value to learning those words as it could help ensure children don't accidentally try to order wine or beer at a restaurant when practicing a new language. Sometimes knowing 'adult' words can help keep kids safe. But that's up to the discretion of the teachers and parents and when you select to have mature words disabled, we aim to make sure that they do not appear in the curriculum. Again, we're working hard to resolve this and I do apologize.

[deactivated user]

    When did "wine" become a bad word?


    I teach 3rd through 5th grade, and while wine & beer are not something I would consider bad words, I don't think the class spending 5 minutes joking about it, and then joking more about it on the playground pretending they're drunk, is a great use of time. Sure, they will be exposed to it somehow, but I'd rather it not be in my classroom via the learning devices I choose to utilize.

    The word / context I do not like my kids seeing is a mention of an ' affair' in one of the stories. I did disable the ' enable all words' box, but that one must have escaped.

    Overall, nothing to have a cow about, but the context surrounding an affair is not something I want to be discussing in the short time I have to teach my kiddos.

    Thanks, Duolingo, for this awesome app you provide!! It's SUCH a great service to us all :)


    Hi there, thanks so much for your feedback!

    Our forums are for community conversation and are not a reliable way of bug reporting.

    If you would like to report any issues you're having with the Duolingo app regarding your students' learning experience, please email teachers@duolingo.com with a screenshot of the question that appeared with the offensive word(s), the language being learned, the student username who spotted the question, and the name of the classroom the student is in. We can then replicate the lesson and find the exact question in order to remove it from the tree and stop it from reappearing.


    Does your school teach religious education? How does it teach about Jesus turning water into wine? or the use of wine to represent the blood of christ in religious services?

    If children are censored at home and in school they will have their own ways of getting the information and it may not be as respectable than if they are correctly taught about the subject.


    Why do you think the word is so bad that it needs censoring?

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