"How many months are there in one year?"

Translation:एक साल में कितने महीने होते हैं?

December 3, 2018

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Why isn't "ek saal men kitne mahine hain?" not accepted, i.e without the 'hotaa'. Many other examples permit this. Is there something special about this construction? Or is it just an inconsistency?


Maybe to make sure you don't forget about it. And tbh, that's not a bad reason. I also tripped over it. But it is a question that really knows no exceptions (within reasonable context), so.. fair.


I have no idea what होते is doing here or anywhere.


You use it to express a general truth. It is not always necessary though, which makes it somewhat frustrating when it suddenly becomes expected in one specific exemple. That being said, this exemple is probably the archetype of a general truth.


If there's no verb, just 'something something है', then the second something is an adjective.

Here it's not an adjective, so there's no choice but to say (in awkwardly somewhat directly translated English) 'how many months be in one year'.

i.e. a verb is needed, and we don't want e.g. खाते हैं, how many months eat in a year, we want how many are there: होते हैं।


Irdk how to explain it but hope this helps: This is ; यह है This happens ; यह होता है


It's the verb 'to be', होना i.e. the 'are' from the English sentence - there be twelve months in a year.

If you don't use it, it's like trying to apply 'how many months in' as an adjective, which of course it isn't.

When you are describing something wirh an adjective though, it can usually also be phrased with होता है / होती है / होते हैं / होती हैं।

It's simply the same as खाता है ('eats') is for the verb खाना, but for होना। It just causes a bit of confusion because we don't use 'to be' in the same way in standard English.


Should कितने महीने एक साल में होते हैं? be accepted, or is it correct only the other way round?


Also tend to do that and not sure if it's possible...?


What is wrong with "कितने महीने एक साल में होते हैं?"


People would understand what you mean when you say it like that, but it would sound unnatural. A bit similar to asking: "In a year how many months there are?"


I agree with you. I hope they answer is.


Yes what is the problem


I said "kitne mahine hain ek sal main" and it didnt accept. In spoken hindi it works. I am very confused, can someone help?


It's a colloquial not-strictly-correct-grammar phrasing, as far as I (non-native) understand.

Duolingo requires strict SVO-hain.

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