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"In this book there are two wrong questions."

Translation:Di dalam buku ini terdapat dua pertanyaan yang salah.

December 3, 2018



I thought "di" and "dalam" both meant 'in', so it seems to me that you should only use one of them in this sentence.


"di" means "in". "Dalam" can have the same meaning sometimes, but it is not commonly used for the simple "in". More likely it is used with another conjunction and together create different meaning:

"di dalam" in this case means "inside" (so it is not like you cant use "di" and "dalam" together because it would mean "in in" it is expressing different meaning

"dalam" could also mean "deep"

"ke dalam" means "into"


What is a wrong question? A physics problem in an English exam


The question on the page says "ada" instead of "terdapat"....??


I think both are correct

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