"Apakah tas saya ada di sekitar Anda?"

Translation:Is my bag around you?

December 3, 2018

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"Is my bag around you?" sounds odd to me. Although it's possible that my bag could be physically around you, it's more likely that you would want to ask "Is my bag [close to/ next to/ beside/ near] you?" You could also ask "Is my bag around here?"


As a native English speaker, this sentence is quite unnatural. It sounds like you have been surrounded or enveloped by the bag. A better sentence would be 'Have you seen my bag around here?' or something similar.


"Is my bag by you?" That should've worked. It even gives "by" as one of the meanings of "sekitar" in the pop-up when you mouse over the word.


I would suggest: is my bag somewhere around you? Indeed 'close to/near you' should be OK also.


"Is my bag near you?" would be all right. "Is my bag with you?" sounds odd but is acceptable. "Is my bag around you?" sounds like there is a magic bag that swallows people.


Is mijn tas bij jou. sounds natural if you know flemisch ore dutch


By or near. Maybe 'next to' but around? Ridiculous...

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