"I dream about my girlfriend."

Translation:Eu sonho com a minha namorada.

April 4, 2013

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i dream about = eu sonho com? is that correct?


In portuguese we use dream com/em. (Sonho com você toda noite. Sonho em mudar de emprego)


i said sonho sobre, and it was accepted. is that just a glitch, and i should use sonhar em/com or can i say "sonho sobre você sempre"


I personally dont use or listen to that... but "sonho sempre com você". You may use that with verbs (sonho sobre trocar de carro) but it still sounds weird to me...


I've found uses on-line of ‘sonhar’ with ‘com’, ‘em’, ‘de’ and ‘sobre’, in order of popularity. Each one is about ten times as popular as the next, except, interestingly, if you search only for Portuguese sites in which case ‘de’ is twice as popular as ‘em’.

But maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, because the preposition used seems to depend on the dream. If it's ‘tu’ then virtually always ‘contigo’ is used. I've also tried various verbs and then it's mostly ‘de’. I've tried some nouns as well and they seem to want ‘com’. I've also tried to figure out if there are cases where ‘em’ or ‘sobre’ are preferred but couldn't find any.

I've punched quite some things in and I'm proposing this rule for beginners: if it's a (pro)noun, use ‘com’, if it's a verb, use ‘de’. Of course you can use the conjunction ‘que’ as well.


Yes, in Brazil we don't use "sonhar de"


So why is 'sonhar em' incorrect here? Does that have to do with the fact that I am dreaming about a person?


yes, we say "sonhar with" someone =)


I’m confused, you said earlier that "in portuguese we use dream com/em", so why is "sonhar em" incorrect?


We don't use "em" to refer to a person. "Sonhar em você" sounds like "dream in you", what actually doesn't make sense.


I wanted to see what would happen if I left out the "a" (a minha namorada). That was accepted. How often is an article used before a possessive?


Definitely two meanings here :If I use com: I dream with my girlfriend, and sobre : I dream about my girlfriend. I guess he's lucky either way!


But we don't sei "sonhar sobre" in Portuguese...


The correct answer seems so strange from an English perspective - to say "I dream WITH my girlfriend" when she is not there. Then what if you and your girlfriend dream together about opening a business, how do you say "I dream with my girlfriend" when she's not actually in your dreams and you are not dreaming about her?


"Eu e minha namorada sonhamos em... (+ verb + complement)"

"Eu e minha namorada sonhamos com isso" = "I dream with my girlfriend about it".

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