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"I send a letter to children who live on the border of Jakarta."

Translation:Saya mengirim surat ke anak-anak yang tinggal di perbatasan Jakarta.

December 4, 2018




  • The prefix pe- and the affix -an are used to form nouns

  • Perbatasan means border

  • The root is batas (verb) which means to limit

  • Other words with this root: keterbatasan (limitations), batasan (boundary)


Pinggiran dan perbatasan itu sinonim


It is right but did not accept it


It's ironic to me that the other two sentences among which we could choose both used "kepada" correctly but that in this sentence it's rendered only as "ke". It should be "kepada" in this sentence also, since the object of the preposition is "anak-anak" which are people.

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