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  5. "Nyumba nyingi"

"Nyumba nyingi"

Translation:Many houses

December 4, 2018



I am guessing it's okay not to say nyumba zingi here, and to use the singular, nyumba nyingi, because it cannot be the singular here, since we are talking about"many" houses, and it cannot be "many house"? So people just use the singular form out of convenience?


while zingine is a correct word, and the plural form for noun classes 'I/Zi' and 'U/Zi', the word 'zingi' doesn't exist; for these noun classes, it's always nyingi. No particular reason that I know of, that's just how it grammatically is.


-ingi takes the adjective prefix for the noun class rather than the subject prefix. For N/N (I/Zi, 9/10, whatever you want to call it) adjective prefixes are:

Vowel stem: Ny-
Consonant stem starting D, G, or Z: N-
Consonant stem starting B, V, or P: M-
Other consonant stems for this class take no prefix.

(There are some adjectives that behave strangely in this class but, since none of them is -ingi, we can ignore them for now. They are in the Adjectives tips and notes.)

This class uses the same prefixes for adjectives in both the singular and plural. The -ingi stem starts with a vowel, so nyingi is both the singular and plural form. Given the word brings it's own context it's easy to work out which way it's being used.

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