"E puka i waho ma ʻō."

Translation:Exit over there.

December 4, 2018

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DL is using the common English translation rather than the literal one. "Puka" can be a door or a hole. It also means to emerge. "Puka Kula" literally is emergence from school. The common translation is graduation. "Ma'o" means "over there." So, "E puka i waho ma 'o" would be "Emerge to the outside over there."

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    He kōkua ia.


    Mahalo ia ‘oe!


    (ʻŌ) used in pointing out a place when the person you are talking to does not know what place you are talking about. Usually ʻō is used with a pointing gesture.

    Also: look at segment [3:28] to [4:40] on the link provided. Ka Leo ʻŌiwi | Episode 8: https://youtu.be/XzDZpCDJTn8

    ʻaneʻi = here

    ʻō = there (away from the person you are talking to)

    laila = there (close / next to the person you are talking to)

    The segment link above shows visual examples. (Start at 3:28 into the video.)


    Why would Go outside over there not be accepted

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