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  5. "Kani ka hola ʻumikūmamālua."

"Kani ka hola ʻumikūmamālua."

Translation:It is now twelve o'clock.

December 4, 2018



"It is twelve o'clock now" is not accepted, yet it is a more natural way to say the same thing in English.


Per the dictionary, it should be ʻumikumamālua.


Can someone explainwhy "now it is twelve o'clock." is not accepted?


There needs to be enough flexibility to honor better English syntax in the translation from 'olelo Hawai'i to English.


I answered from the word picker, not from typing, and got this:

You have a typo.

It is twelve o clock.

It underlined "o clock". Presumably it wants an apostrophe in the space there. But I picked the only "o" in the word picker, so there was no possibility of me getting this without the typo. It didn't have any option with an apostrophe for me to use.

Is this a bug in Duolingo, or is it a flaw in the data for this item?


It did the same thibg for me. The typo isn't the apostrophe, it's recognizing the omission of the word "now" as a typo


I don't think that's the case, because it underlined "o clock" as the location of the typo. The word "now" would come before "twelve", in a different part of the sentence. Also, it would not be considered a typo because it is multiple characters - either the sentence without "now" is accepted as one of the correct answers, or it's not and it would be marked wrong.


The "o clock" is underlined as an error, the apostrophe doesn't seem to be the issue, per the other comments. Hopefully Duolingo addresses the translation errors to and from Hawaiian in the future.

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