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My favorite French Radio Stations


Classic singers and tunes from the 30's - 70's


For advanced listeners but exploding with interesting topics

May 14, 2014



Thanks for these!

I have been meaning to ask if anyone here knows a French equivalent of BBC Radio 4, which is my favorite radio station. I tried BFM Radio which had been recommended here, but found it a bit too hectic. I am looking for something with "deep" and calm analysis and discussion, not only focused on news but also including interviews, etc., but preferably not music.

I just started listening to France Culture, and it sounds very promising ... I have to focus, but am getting the gist of the conversation.


I can suggest you try radio RFI. See my post below for the link.


For news and conversation you can't go past RFI. http://www.rfi.fr I listen to it in the car on the way to work on an app.

The best thing about Nostalgie (apart from the music) is the ads. The only time I have enjoyed listening to ads because you pick up common words, they speak a bit slower, and you really learn your numbers (telephone numbers!!)

I also listen to some french singers on Spotify such as Florent Pagny, Ben L'Oncle and Garou.


After a couple of hours (on and off) of France Culture, I have to return to give you a heap of lingots ... Thank you!!!


Wow, thank you! I wish I had something to do with the content,I just provided the link. It is a brilliant station.


I like both Francebleu (pretty sure there a regional stations under this title) and franceinfo. http://www.listenlive.eu/france.html I also use radiofrançaise app on my phone.

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