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"La partita era molto interessante."

Translation:The match was very interesting.

May 14, 2014



why is it not 'la partita è stata molto interessante'? isn't the match over already?


It is probably over, yes. The use of imperfetto "era" says that it was very interesting while it lasted.


Do italians say 'era' instead of 'stava' in this case?


Partire to leave . depart or go nuts Partito PP left Partita lot , batch, order and here match. Partito is noun for crazy, head over heels , nuts.


Intriguing was available on the dropdown for interessante... and though interesting was obviously the direct, obvious choice, I felt intriguing fit this context far better. Though, not accepted! Feel free to comment with "interesting!" :D


Could someone explain to me what the difference in nuance would be between: "La partita era molto interessante" ... and "La partita è stata molto interessante" ?


Can you show me where is my fault in this answer?


Why isn't isn't it molta interessante


"Molto" is an adverb in this sentence, not an adjective. It gets a little confusing because "molto" can be either, but here it modifies the adjective "interessante" and thus it's an adverb. Adverbs are invariable, so it will be "molto" for both feminine and masculine subjects.

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